The goal of Minority AIDS Project’s Health Education Activities is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about HIV and AIDS in communities of color.

Health Education is presented through a broad range of outreach activities that take various forms to work effectively within the broad spectrum of cultures, neighborhoods and ethnicities in Los Angeles. Aside from the contract-funded programs tailored to meet the unique HIV educational needs of diverse target populations, MAP delivers an array of additional educational services to the public including: Free HIV Counseling & Testing, AIDS 101 Classes, Staff Training in HIV/AIDS issues for Social Services agencies, Speakers for Public Events, Information at Health Fairs and Community Festivals, Conference Workshops and Trainings of Volunteers.

It is MAP’s intent:

  • To provide a foundation of knowledge so that people are able to separate fact from fiction and replace fear with understanding;
  • To clearly present facts in language commonly used, and understood by members of the various target communities;
  • To reach out to our communities with programs encouraging people to adopt and maintain low-risk lifestyle behaviors;
  • To teach people the skills needed to best protect themselves from the virus; and,
  • To promote good health and a commitment to wellness, which includes regular HIV Antibody Testing for everyone and early intervention health care for HIV Positive people.