At A Glance

Minority AIDS Project (MAP) is the first community-based HIV/AIDS organization established and managed by people of color in the United States.  Minority AIDS Project was established in 1985 to address the unmet HIV/AIDS needs of people of color since its inception, more than thirty-five years ago, MAP has provided a unique continuum of services that offers comprehensive wrap around HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment support for economically marginalized people of color who experience multiple vulnerabilities and are at high risk of HIV infection or transmission.   Until the doors opened at MAP, these communities had little or real access to preventive education and essential health care services.  MAP’s mission is “to reduce suffering and deaths due to HIV infection in the African-American and Latino communities by making HIV/AIDS-related health services and education available and accessible to them”.


MAP’s services and educational programs are community-wide and available to all people. However, from the beginning, the primary focus of our services and outreach has been the African American and Latino communities in Central and South-Central Los Angeles.  Our goal is to ensure community-based access to respectful and efficient health promotion and disease prevention services through the provision of critical support that works to bridge the gap of services for our multi-ethnic clients.


MAP’s approach to Care and Prevention is a based on a unique Model of Early Intervention through the use of a Comprehensive and Culturally Relevant Continuum of Care that offers a broad range of services in response to the social, economic and medical challenges facing our community.  MAP provides comprehensive services to low-income individuals that include: Treatment Adherence, Mental Health Services, Psycho-Social Support, Case Management, Substance Abuse Screenings, Food, Clothing, Transportation, Health Education Risk Reduction, Transgender Support, HIV Testing, HIV Intervention and Prevention Services, Housing Assistance, Public Benefits Services and In-Home Nursing/Attendants.  Additionally, MAP delivers an array of additional educational services to the public including: AIDS 101 Education, Regular Staff Trainings in HIV/AIDS issues or Social Services information, Speakers for Public Events, Outreach and Information at Health Fairs and Community Festivals, and Conference Workshops.


MAP staff, including: Program Managers, Coordinators, Certified Case Managers, Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Certified HIV Testing Counselors, Outreach Workers, Health Educators, Evaluators and Administrative Support Delivers a broad range of services in response to the dilemmas and difficulties facing those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

MAP’s revenues of over $1 million are primarily derived from grants and contracts held with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services through the Division of HIV and STD Programs (formally known as the Office of AIDS Programs and Policy) and the State of California.  The remainder of the revenues comes from contributions from other local agencies, charitable institutions, individuals and various fundraising events.

“Wherever you identify yourself sexually along God’s rainbow of sexuality, know that you are not in error. Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Transsexual…you are not a mistake. God made you the way you are and God loves you just the way you are. So love yourself and know that you are very special!” 

Archbishop Carl Bean • MAP Founder


Our programs address the needs of at-risk men and women in diverse cultural subgroups of the Black and Latino communities.


Health education is presented through a broad range of activities within the broad spectrum of cultures and neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


Free rapid HIV testing is available without an appointment in our office and we offer simple Home Test Kits at no cost.


Through our unique continuum of care, new clients complete a comprehensive intake interview and are assessed to develop an individual service plan.


Your help is needed now more than ever. We encourage you to support our mission by making a donation or volunteering your time.