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Minority AIDS Project (MAP) is the first community-based HIV/AIDS organization established and managed by people of color in the United States. The Honorable Archbishop Carl Bean and members of Unity Fellowship of Christ Church founded Minority AIDS Project in 1985.

MAP’s services and educational programs are community-wide and available to all people. However, from the beginning, the primary focus of our services and outreach has been to people of color communities in Central and South-Central Los Angeles. Until the doors opened at MAP, these communities had little or no real access to preventive education and essential health care services.

The Honorable Archbishop Carl Bean and the church congregation volunteered and began the work by providing a culturally competent continuum-of-care of AIDS-related services as well as providing the facts about HIV/AIDS to individuals and community groups who were interested. At the outset, the services met the needs of people living with AIDS.

Today, MAP employs a diverse staff of committed professionals who are bilingual and come from all walks of life. The staff work is enhanced by the supportive talents of volunteers to serve the needs of our clients in Los Angeles County living with HIV/AIDS and families who are affected by the pandemic. MAP also provides prevention education through the HIV/AIDS testing program which is free and open to the public year-round.

Our Vision

MAP’s vision is…

  • To expand and incorporate additional medical and psychosocial services to support the needs of our underserved community. Create a polyfunctional medical-psychosocial services facility to accommodate the expanded services and personnel, with an emphasis on youth and young adults in community,
  • Engage relationships, cultivate new partnerships, and be innovators of new delivery-models for services to meet the community needs,
  • Identify and secure resources through a Fund Development plan to continue MAP expansion,

Resulting in a reinvigorated MAP for the 21st century.

Our Mission                                                       

MAP is dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of individuals surviving with HIV/AIDS and other health disparities by offering medical, mental health, spiritual, and physical health service to all underserved populations by making health related services and education available and accessible to everyone.

MAP Overview

Minority AIDS Project is a California nonprofit corporation that provides educational and other HIV/AIDS related support services to eligible individuals without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, spiritual/religious affiliations, ethnicity, culture, language, or other circumstances.

MAP staff, including Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists Certified Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Certified HIV Testing Counselors/Health Educators, all in response to the dilemmas and difficulties facing those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Our goal is to ensure community-based access to respectful and efficient health promotion and disease prevention services through the provision of critical support that works to bridge the gap of services for our multi-ethnic clients who demonstrate needs in at least two of the following categories:

  • Transportation
  • Basic survival needs of food, clothing, and, shelter
  • Assistance in obtaining public benefits.
  • Medical and mental health follow up and linkage to support medical and psychosocial services.

Client’s services/Case management activities

MAP’s approach to HIV Care and Prevention is based on a unique model of early intervention using a comprehensive and culturally relevant continuum of care that offers a broad range of services in response to the social, psychological, economic, and, medical challenges facing our community.

At least 90% of MAP’s clients have marginal economic situations with co-existing problems of unemployment, homelessness, mood altering substance addiction and social isolation intensified by an HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis. Generally, clients have multiple needs and require help negotiating the large, bureaucratic government systems on which they must rely for public benefits and medical care.

Through our unique continuum of care, new clients complete a comprehensive intake interview and are assisted into developing an individual service plan. After intake, overall care and services are coordinated to ensure full and appropriate assistance. Clients are also helped in obtaining health care county and state public benefits.

Quality of life support is offered through housing referrals, food pantries, and referrals to drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and other psychosocial services.

Clients who are homebound require comprehensive medical case management. Non-medical personal care by certified care workers and/or homemaker services are provided for qualifying consumers. A financial status evaluation as well as a warm and supportive physical, psychological, and social environment is established. Services are provided by or under the supervision of our Registered Nurses.

MAP lives its mission through the following programs:

In-Home Registered Nurse Case Management

The Registered Nurse Case Manager (RNCM) works in conjunction with the In-Home Care Social Worker Case Manager (SWCM).  The Nurse Case Manager conducts an initial interview, completes a nursing service program develops a comprehensive individual service plan, with regular contacts though in-home visits, telehealth, and phone calls for regular assessment of client needs and progress. The RNCM assists the client to implement goals, monitor service delivery to client and document all contact, follow-up activities in client file. This program could offer limited in-home medical equipment, nutritional supplements, home-maker services, in-home mental health services, CNA services, LVNA services and RN services, Registered Dietitian services and non-emergency medical transportation.

Benefits Specialty Services

The Benefits Specialty Services program assist clients in obtaining the following financial and insurance options; (EFA) Emergency Financial Assistance for Ryan White Program – Ability to Pay Program (ATP); Cal-Works; CARE/Health Insurance Premium Payment Premium Payment (HIPP); Entitlement programs; Food Stamps; General Relief/General Relief Opportunities to Work (GROW); In home Supportive Services Program (IHSS); Medicaid/Medi-Cal; Medi-Cal/HIPP; Medicare; Medicare Buy-In Program; Patient Assistance Programs (Pharmaceutical Companies); Private Insurance; Housing Referrals; Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI); State Disability Insurance; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); State Supplementary Payments (SSP); Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF); Unemployment Insurance (UI); Women, Infants and Children (WIC); Worker’s Compensation; Other public/private benefits programs.

HIV Counseling and Rapid Testing

On-site HIV Testing is available to provide HIV Counseling Testing and Immune Assessment Services. Clients who tested HIV positive are linked to medical care treatment facilities (regardless of insurance coverage) and initial transportation to such facilities are provided by the agency. The goal of the HIV Testing is to encourage testing that enables individuals to learn about their status and the progression of the disease. To provide newly diagnosed individuals with information that encourages behavior modification. Weekly HIV support groups are available for persons who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. These groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist who monitors the group discussion and topics.

PrEP & PEP Referrals and Resources

Referrals for PrEP and PEP are available for persons who have tested HIV negative. These people would qualify for a referral for PrEP or PEP based on information provided in the initial risk assessment. An appointment is made with the local health facility, and participants may be asked to join the program for a designated period for monitoring as needed.

Free HIV Home Test Kits

A free HIV Test Kit is available for pick up or delivery (within a 10-mile radius). These kits provide privacy in determining a person’s HIV status in their home. Couples who want to know each other’s HIV status are encouraged to use these kits.

Community Service Program

The Los Angeles Court System and the Volunteer Centers of Los Angeles refer persons for community service assignments. These assignments are at the discretion of the agency and are monitored by the Volunteer Coordinator. Participants must provide proof of TB clearance prior to beginning their assignment.

Community Food Pantry

Many individuals living with HIV/AIDS are on the margins of economic survival. Underemployment, unemployment, poverty, limited access to health care, homelessness, chemical dependency, and a myriad of other challenges plague them. These vulnerabilities create serious quality of life challenges. In addition, approximately 10% of those seeking services are undocumented and do not qualify for public assistance programs. Clients may access the Food Pantry to supplement their inadequate food supply. For clients who need assistance with transportation, taxi coupons, bus passes and tokens are available.

Linkage To Care (LTC)

Linkage To Care (LTC) Case Management Services is HIV/AIDS non-medical linkage to care case management services that is time-limited and encompasses activities designed to identify and link HIV positive clients to HIV Medical Care through the delivery of outreach, brief intervention sessions graduated disengagement and follow-up. LTC will identify HIV-positive persons not enrolled in HIV medical services or have fallen out of HIV medical services, or have not attended an HIV medical care appointment for longer than seven (7) months, and link them to care.

Mental Health

Our Mental Health staff includes California Licensed and license-eligible Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Social Workers who provide psychosocial assessments, crisis interventions and psychotherapy in all modalities (individual, couple/family, children, and group) to qualifying clients and their families. MAP’s Mental Health Professionals also facilitate psycho-educational HIV/AIDS support groups both in English and Spanish and offer a nutritional lunch for people attending the group. Our psychological/counseling services are offer in both English and Spanish languages by bi-cultural/bilingual clinicians.

Health Education Activities:

The goal of Minority AIDS Project’s Health Education activities is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about HIV and AIDS in communities of color

Health Education is presented through a broad range of outreach activities that take various forms to work effectively within the broad spectrum of cultures, neighborhoods, and ethnicities in Los Angeles. Aside from the contract-funded programs tailored to meet the unique HIV educational needs of diverse target populations, MAP delivers an array of additional educational services to the public including free HIV Testing, AIDS 101 classes, staff training in HIV/AIDS issues for social services agencies, information at health fairs and community festivals, conference workshops and trainings of volunteers.

MAP’s Anti-Violence Intervention Program:

The purpose of MAP’s Anti -Violence Intervention Project:

MAP’s Anti-Violence Intervention Project values being available to the underserved BIPOC/LGBTQ community.  We strive to have empathy with individuals who seek support, resources, and compassion for their unique situation.  This is a non-judgment zone where we are available and will do everything possible to end the silent suffering of Our Black and Brown people within South Los Angeles.

The goal of MAP’s Anti -Violence Intervention Project is:

  • To prevent hate violence against Black and Brown BIPOC/LGTQ communities and provide support for survivors.
  • Increase visibility, crisis intervention, and safety planning for the BIPOC LGBTQ community.
  • Increase access to anti-violence direct services.

MAP’s Anti -Violence Intervention Project Values:

Compassion – Resourceful – Empathy – Availability – Mental Health

Mobile Medial Street Team (MMST)

Partnership with Charles R. Drew University and Kedren Medical Community services staffed with nurses and doctors to provide medical services in the local community. Services will be provided once per month in the Legacy center community room and on the corner of Sycamore and Jefferson Blvd. These services are open to everyone and free (flyer below).

MAP’s commitment:

  • Promote good health, mental well-being, and a commitment to wellness, which includes regular HIV Testing, general medical care, and mental health
  • Reach out to our communities with programs encouraging people to adopt and maintain low-risk and healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Develop services that will engage youth and young adult (13-34) to educate and empower them towards lifestyle of health and wellbeing.
  • Provide a foundation of knowledge so that people can separate fact from fiction and replace fear with compassion, empathy, and understanding
  • Present concise facts in language commonly used and understood by members of the various targeted communities
  • Teach people the skills needed to best protect themselves from the HIV/STDs, and other health disparities.

“Wherever you identify yourself sexually along God’s rainbow of sexuality, know that you are not in error. Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Transsexual…you are not a mistake. God made you the way you are and God loves you just the way you are. So love yourself and know that you are very special!”

Archbishop Carl Bean • MAP Founder


Our programs address the needs of at-risk men and women in diverse cultural subgroups of the Black and Latino communities.


Health education is presented through a broad range of activities within the broad spectrum of cultures and neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


Free rapid HIV testing is available without an appointment in our office and we offer simple Home Test Kits at no cost.


Through our unique continuum of care, new clients complete a comprehensive intake interview and are assessed to develop an individual service plan.


Your help is needed now more than ever. We encourage you to support our mission by making a donation or volunteering your time.