Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program is composed of individuals willing to join Minority AIDS Project’s mission and vision of the pandemic and how communities of color continue to be infected and affected disproportionately. This phenomenon clearly visible in communities with low income levels, where mind altering substances are consumed, sold and distributed in a daily basis 24/7 and where the levels of education are below national standards. Our volunteers are willing to work at any level and with any project that at the end would benefit those individuals and families infected by HIV or AIDS. Our volunteers receive a one day workshop orientation regarding our agency’s programs. An interview with our volunteer coordinator consist of a face-to-face meeting to explore the best possible match for the work they want to provide to the community and how our agency might be able to help them to deliver it. They are invited to all of our regular agency trainings and workshops to learn the latest updates in HIV/AIDS treatments and trends in LA County.

Volunteer Requirements


General Agency Worker

  1. Valid California Identification
  2. TB Clearance
  3. Completion of agency documents; application, confidentiality statement, volunteer guidelines & weekly schedule
  4. Orientation of agency’s mission, history and services
  5. AIDS 101 pre & Post Test



Community Workers Program


Our Community Worker Program in composed of Court-Ordered citizens giving back to the community as a way to “pay-back” to society for misdemeanor offences instead of spending time in overcrowded jails. Our Community Workers Program Coordinator meets with each candidate to conduct an informal interview to ensure each applicant is aware of the agency’s protocols and procedures regarding confidentiality protocols, dress code, hours of operation, expectation of professional behaviors at all times, tobacco and drug-free environment as well as expected committed hours of productivity. The applicants receive a brief orientation about the services provided at our agency and the multiple communities serviced by our organization. After a TB clearance has been obtained by each successful applicant, hours of commitment are scheduled.



Community Service Worker (Court appointed)


  1. Court documents (assigning worker to agency)
  2. Valid California Identification
  3. TB clearance
  4. Completion of agency documents; application, confidentiality statement, volunteer guidelines & weekly schedule
  5. Orientation of agency’s mission, services and history
  6. AIDS 101 pre & post test