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Nurse Case Management – MAP

Nurse Case Management

In-Home Nurse Case Management

Minority AIDS Project’s In-Home Nurse Case Management program (IHNCM) was developed to provide medical case management to persons living with HIV & AIDS at the convenience of participants’ home. One of the main goals of the program is to prevent participants from any hospitalization. Each participant is assigned to a Registered Nurse Case Manager (RNCM) and to a Masters Level Social Work Case Manager (SWCM). This team provides ongoing education regarding any medical and psychosocial services available to the participants as well as maintaining regular supervision of any medical and psychosocial needs reported or identified to each participant. Home and office visits are scheduled at various times to ensure that the service providers and the participant become aware of the unique and individual need for all the participants in this program.

Regular case conferences with all participant’s HIV service providers are scheduled to ensure each participant is able to maximize the benefits of this important program. Advocacy and professional representation ensure that each participant receives the best medical and psychosocial service available in Los Angeles County. The IHNCM team creates an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with the input of the participant to ensure that the needs of each participant are included in this unique treatment plan. Some of the benefits might include regular nutritional evaluation, mental health services, nutritional supplements, assistance with medical transportation, assistance with some medical supplies, education regarding county and city programs to assist the person living with HIV/AIDS with appropriate medical referrals, professional representation with medical clinics and doctors regarding participant current medical condition and possible future treatments, education regarding human sexuality, possible side-effect to medications, promotion of healthy living, behavioral modification and many more. If you would like to obtain additional information regarding this program, please contact our main office and request to speak with any of our RNCM for additional information.

If you need services or have any question regarding In-Home Nursing Case Management feel free to call at 323 936-4949.