MEN Program Overview

The Men’s Empowerment Network (MEN) is a program that targets non-identified Gay men. The Program is staffed with a Program Manager (Mike Jones) and two health Educators (Jace Dawson and Jerome Kitchen).

The purpose of MEN is to encourage behavioral change through several encounters; Outreach, Survey-Data Collection, 30-Day Follow-up, linked Referrals to PreP/PeP, STD/STI screening and HIV Testing. Health Educators engage participants in a twenty-minute face-to-face interaction to gather information on their sexual behavior, risk factors and demographic information. Incentives are provided at each step of the engagement to encourage continued participation.

Health Educators perform outreach activities at locations where men frequent, such as; parks, bus stations, bath houses, clubs and through social media to reach the target population. The primary objective of MEN is to encourage safer sex behaviors and to link participant to services that will reduce HIV infection.